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The material and performance of furnace roll affect the working efficiency


    Furnace roll is an important equipment in the metallurgical industry, is an indispensable processing equipment, mainly used in the annealing furnace, its production requirements are higher, need to have a higher safety and reliability, high temperature resistance, etc., the material and performance of furnace bottom roll affects the efficiency of operation.

    The quality of furnace roller affects the quality of product surface. If the traditional graphite carbon sleeve and ceramic coating roller are used, it is easy to appear such phenomena as surface oxidation, furnace roll nodules and loose pineapple, which will affect the normal production activities. Quartz ceramic hollow roll has the characteristics of high strength, high temperature resistance, small thermal expansion, good chemical stability, high temperature performance stability, non-deformation, smooth and fine surface, good wear resistance, etc., can avoid replacement operation, improve efficiency, improve the product surface quality. And long service life, long-term use is not easy to wear.

    The development of metallurgical industry in China has a history of many years, the demand for furnace roller is also increasing, the furnace roller industry has made great progress, in the performance and safe use of a great improvement, we must pay attention to the choice of appropriate equipment.