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U Type Radiant Tube

Application of radiant tube
1. heat resistant alloy radiant tubes are mainly used in petrochemical, metallurgary, steel and heat resistant industries. 

2. corrosion resistant alloy radiant tubes are used in pulp and paper, chemical and other petrochemical industries. 
3. Super-alloys radiant tubes are used in high strength, carburization resistance industry.
4.used in the furnaces for steel mills, like CAL(continuous annealing line),CGL(continuous galvanizing line).
Tube: HPNb, HK40, HT, HU, HH, ZGCr25Ni20, ZGCr25Ni35Nb, 
ZGCr28Ni48W5, KHR35H 
Elbow: HPNb, ZG40Cr25Ni20Si2
Support: Gx40CrNiSi25-20
Flange: GSC25, SS400 
Inspection:Each piece goes through our strict inspection, PT, UT, LT, or according to requirements


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